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2018 DUII Defense CLE Archive

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March 16–17, 2018 • The Eugene Hilton, Hilton

Diversion: What Every Defense Lawyer Should Know
Jose Westover, Multnomah Defenders, Portland
Golden Nuggets DUII Defense: Lessons Learned from 47 Years in Practice
John Henry Hingson, III, Oregon City
Collateral Consequences: Treatment and Other Post-conviction Considerations
Jennifer List, Multnomah Defenders, Portland
Voir Dire: Setting Up the Case
Thad Betz, Bend
Brian Schmonsees, Hillsboro

Investigation, Discovery, and Focusing Your Cross
Rich Oberdorfer, Portland
NHTSA DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Manual: A One Hour Tour
Hugh Duvall, Eugene 
Appellate Update
Rond Chananudech, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Ethics—DUII Science for Attorneys: What Are You Ethically Required to Know?
Jennifer Robins, Hillsboro
Kenn Meneely, Forensic Scientist, Elmira