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The Criminal Law Formbook

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PDF/Word/WordPerfect, 1-3 Users
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Product description:

Edited by Michael Rose.

Download includes over 500 forms in Word and WordPerfect for copying and pasting into your Word or WordPerfect templates. Pleading paper template included in Word and WordPerfect. Also includes printable PDF file, with bookmarks and links to each Word or WordPerfect form. Print just what you need: one form, a chapter, or the entire book. Hard copy comes in a three-ring binder with mylar reinforced tabs.

Table of Contents
  1. Office Forms
  2. Motions Against the Charging Instrument
  3. Release From Custody
  4. Notices
  5. Dismissal of Charges
  6. Psychiatric
  7. Pretrial Motions
  8. Discovery
  9. Witnesses
  10. Consolidation / Severance
  11. Continuance
  12. Change of Venue
  13. Disqualify Judge
  14. Withdrawal of Attorney
  15. Jury Instructions
  16. Special Problems
  17. Sentencing and Other Post-Trial Procedures
  18. Appeals
  19. Writ of Habeas Corpus
  20. Post-Conviction Relief
  21. Juvenile
  22. Extradition

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Formbook Features
  • over 500 criminal law forms, contributed by your colleagues, downloaded to your desktop in minutes
  • forms updated through 2011 Legislative session
  • forms updated with case law through July 2011
  • revamped sections on post-conviction relief, appeals and juvenile law
  • Word and WordPerfect versions