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Investigator's Manual

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Product description:

Edited by Rhonda Coats, Lynette Lazenby, Brenda Tam

A comprehensive, thoroughly updated edition of a classic text. The 2010 edition is packed with new information, resources and practical tips that will benefit investigator and lawyer alike. Changes include a new chapter on infant death investigation, a chapter on computer evidence and a chapter on computer forensics. A wide variety of useful forms, letters, checklists and guides round out the manual. A one-stop shop.

Table of Contents

  1. Investigator Licensing, Phil Agrue
  2. Ethics for Criminal Defense Investigators, Wendy Kunkel
  3. So, You Want to Be in Business! Cynthia Hamilton
  4. The Attorney-Investigator Team, Robert Harris
  5. Public Records and the FOIA, Rhonda Coats and Lynette Lazenby
  6. Computers and Computer Evidence, Jim Strupp
  7. Computer Forensics, Marcus Lawson
  8. Forensic Photography, Clyde Gideon
  9. Surveillance, Rick Templeton and Brenda Tam
  10. Locating Witnesses, Janan Stoll
  11. Interviewing Witnesses, Jerry Elshire
  12. Investigating Informants, Don Grant
  13. Subpoenas, Nancy Osborn and Lynnette Lazenby
  14. Dependency and Termination of Parental Rights Cases, Barbara Builder
  15. Juvenile Delinquency Cases, Miriam Widman
  16. Measure 11 and Major Felonies, Michael Zerwas
  17. Infant Death Investigations, Ron Miller
  18. Mitigation, Jackie Page and Rhonda Coats


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