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Scientific Evidence: A Manual for Oregon Defense Attorneys

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Product description:

Authored by Kevin Sali.

Scientific evidence is a critical and challenging element of a criminal case. A criminal defense attorney must be able to work effectively with scientific evidence, both offensively and defensively. OCDLA's new manual is intended to help you gain the confidence you need with scientific evidence by addressing some of the unique factual and legal issues that can be helpful in using or attacking it. With this manual in hand you will:

• Learn how to find what you need to understand the principles underlying the evidence in your case
• Master the procedural and substantive issues involved in admissibility determinations
• Understand how to identify and expose weaknesses in the state's evidence, and to work effectively with defense experts.

Includes an extensive discussion of the large body of Oregon case law relating to scientific evidence, and provides sample case materials, motions & memoranda included in an appendix.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Master of Table Contents
  • Learning the Science
  • What is Scientific Evidence
  • Procedural Issues
  • Admissibility Analysis
  • Other Admissibility Issues
  • Cross Examining the State's Expert
  • The Defense's Scientific Evidence
  • Appendix of Forms
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