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Legislative Analysis - 2016

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Edited by Gail Meyer.

The 2016 Legislative Analysis of Criminal and Juvenile Laws contains summaries and complete enrolled versions of 17 bills - a record for a short session - covering new criminal and juvenile legislation.

Extensive analysis on the most critical bills this session, such as:

  • HB 4066 - Effective immediately, creates new offenses relating to drones
  • HB 4014 - Effective immediately, changes to cannabis laws & crimes
  • HB 4074 - Effective immediately, juvenile sex offender registration changes
  • SB 1571 - Effective immediately, bill relating to testing sexual assault kits
  • SB 1600 - Effective 1/1/2017, authorizes prosecution of Rape I & other Level I sexual crimes if corroborating evidence is found
  • HB 4046 - Effective 1/1/2017, wildlife laws & violations
  • Complete Index and Guide to Bills by Subject
  • Paginated "Quick List" to the House ?and Senate sections


Hard copy binding: Print version — 160+ pages, comb bound.

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Note: Previous editions of the Legislative Analysis (PDF only) are available in the Legal Document Library.