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2017 Annual Juvenile Law Conference CLE Archive

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April 21–22, 2017 • Hallmark Resort, Newport

From Blackstone to Gault to Roper, and Beyond: A Brief History of Juveniles and the Law and Suggestions for the Future
Angela Sherbo, Youth, Rights & Justice, Portland
Safeguarding Family Unity Through Early Zealous Advocacy
Shannon Flowers, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem; Caitlin Mitchell, Youth, Rights & Justice, Portland
Sex Offender Registration, Treatment, and Community Safety: A Public Health Lens (via live videocast)
Elizabeth J. Letourneau, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore
A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma: 2017 Legislative Update
Mary Sell, OCDLA, Eugene; Amy Miller, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
The Evidentiary Pitfalls of Soft Science
Kevin Sali, Attorney, Portland
Civil Rights Violations and Tort Claims in Child Welfare Cases
Katie Haraguchi, Attorney, Portland; Cody Hoesly, Attorney, Portland
Looking for What We Expect to Find: How Motivated Reasoning Impacts the Fair Administration of Justice
Hon. Darleen Ortega, Oregon Court of Appeals, Salem; Carrie Leonetti, University of Oregon School of Law, Eugene; Erik Girvan, University of Oregon School of Law, Eugene
Representing Clients Confronting Uncertainty in Immigration Status
Stephanie Engelsman, Metro Public Defender Services, Portland
Dependency and Delinquency Appellate Update
Hon. Megan L. Jacquot, Coos County Circuit Court, Coquille; Tiffany Keast, Attorney, Portland; Sarah Peterson, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Child Abuse Reporting: Overrepresentation of Communities of Color (child abuse reporting credit)
Kasia Rutledge, Metro Public Defender Services, Portland

Approved in Oregon for:
• 9.5 general
• 1 child abuse reporting

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