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2017 Annual Conference CLE Archive

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June 15–17, 2017 • Mt. Bachelor Village Resort, Bend

Giving the Devil His Due: Recent Developments in Restitution and Compensatory Fine Law
Erin Severe and Morgen Daniels, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem

Transgender 101                
Percy Wise, Attorney, Portland (access to justice credit)
The ICE Man Cometh: Immigration Issues Update/Padilla
Stephanie Engelsman, Metropolitan Public Defender, Portland

Identity Theft: The Illusive Hunt for the White Whale
Lee Wachocki, Multnomah Defenders, Portland
Amanda Garty, Attorney, Portland

Skirting the Shoals and Reefs: Appellate Update               
Marc Brown and Sara Werboff, Appellate Division, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem

Digging in the Sand for Gold: Experts Panel                  
Elizabeth Baker, Attorney, Eugene
Russell S. Barnett, III, Attorney, Portland
Paul Levy, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Kevin Sali, Attorney, Portland

Life Jackets and Safety Belts: Experts and Child Witnesses
Lisa Kirsch Satawa, Attorney, Birmingham, MI

Walking the Plank: Using Experts and Thinking Like a Scientist           
Kevin Sali, Portland

Still Waters Run Deep: Standby Counsel (Attorney Advisors)            
Lisa Ludwig, Attorney, Portland

Reading the Water: DUII Experts                          
Ben Eder, Attorney, Portland

Scrutiny on the Bounty: A Closer Look at Child Witnesses     
Lisa Kirsch Satawa, Michigan

Still at War: Enlisting Defenders to Battle Oregon’s Veteran Defendant Crisis  
James Gardner, Public Defender Services of Lane County, Eugene
Jesse Wm. Barton, Attorney, Salem
(Note: this presentation was not recorded and so is not part of the audio materials.)

Running Against the Wind: When You Don’t Need an Expert                     
Elizabeth Baker, Eugene
Russell S. Barnett, III, Portland

Straight on ’til Morning: Juvenile Experts                  
Karen Stenard, Attorney, Eugene

Make Some Waves: Legislative Update                    
Mary Sell, OCDLA Lobbyist

Bridge Over Troubled Water: Domestic Violence and Your Case             
Julia Babcock, PhD., University of Houston

Prosecution and the Bar (ethics credit)             
Lane Borg, Executive Director, Metropolitan Public Defender, Portland

Eligible in Oregon for:
• 12.75 general
• 1 ethics
• 1 access to justice

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