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2017 Defense Never Surrenders CLE Archive

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Consortia and Law Offices wishing multiple licenses, contact OCDLA.

September 16–17, 2017 • The Hallmark Resort, Newport

Charms for Enchantment: Practice Tips, Tricks and Strategy for Trial
John Lentine, Birmingham Alabama
From charming the difficult client to defeating the wayward prosecutor.
The Invisible: Tools to Shape Your Client’s Future
Michael Schmidt, Executive Director, Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, Salem
Increasing transitional leave; reducing presumptive sentences and mandatory sentences for 1st degree & ID theft; more prop crime convictions for presumptive to apply; eligibility for family sentencing alternative pilot, and more.
Confront, Confound, Compel: Aggressively Litigating Probation Violations to Win
Chris O’Connor, Metropolitan Public Defenders, Portland
Courage Above All: Fighting to Defend the Transgender Client: Transgender 102 access to justice credit 
Dianna Gentry, Portland
Information about transgender legal status, ability to change gender on ODL, jail/DOC policies and specifics on how to defend transgender clients.
Strapping on the Armor: How to Survive in the Belly of the Beast
Brad Holbrook
Former attorney and inmate discusses how to survive prison.
Spells to Navigate Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: State & Federal Issues in Sentencing
Jesse Merrithew, Portland
Alchemy: Spinning Gold from Knowing the Rules
Dianne Erickson, Policy Manager, Offender Information and Sentence Computation Unit for ODOC, Salem
Waving the Wand: You Have the Power
Alex Bassos, Metropolitan Public Defenders, Portland
The top 20 things you can do "pre-entry" that can change your client's life for the better at re-entry.
Call in the Flying Monkeys: Persuasive Advocacy from Alpha to Zealous
John Lentine, Birmingham, AL
Transforming the Future: Legislative Update
Mary A. Sofia, Legislative Advocate, OCDLA

In Oregon, the total number of approved credits for listening to all of the audio in the audio package if you also purchase the written material:

• 7.5 general
1.0 access to justice

The program will also qualify for credit with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.