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2016 Expungement

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Consortia and Law Offices wishing multiple licenses, contact OCDLA.

January 27, 2016 • OCDLA Office, Eugene

This program covered:
• concept of expungement, the societal good it is meant to achieve and the balance struck by the Oregon set-aside statute

• problems inherent in hiding or retroactively altering a criminal record in the information age and the extent to which the Oregon statute solves such problems

• eligibility and procedure for setting aside Oregon convictions, including the recent legislative changes

• eligibility and procedure for expunging Oregon arrests and dismissed cases, including the recent legislative changes

• overarching trends in expungement law

Presenter Alex Bassos is the Director of Training and Outreach at the Metropolitan Public Defender. He started a free, weekly expungement clinic nine years ago, through which he's been involved in more than 10,000 expungement cases. The clinic was recently featured in the New York Times. He assisted in the development of Legal Aid's Clackamas County and Washington County expungement programs. He wrote the Oregon expungement guide, sold by the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He co-wrote the new expungement statute. And he regularly presents and consults on expungements throughout the state.
In Oregon, the total number of approved credits for listening to all of the audio in the audio package if you also purchase the written material:
• 1.5 general

The program will also qualify for credit with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

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