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2015 Winter Conference - Daring Defenses That Work

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2015 Winter Conference: Daring Defenses That Work - Written materials (CD only) and AudioCDs
2015 Winter Conference: Daring Defenses That Work - Written materials (hardcopy and CD) and AudioCDs
Written material only (hardcopy and CD)
Zip download containing written material and MP3 audio files

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Shining a Light on a Hidden Problem: New Developments in Elder Abuse Law
John Lamborn, Attorney, Burns (1 elder abuse credit)

Copycat Counts: Innovative Challenges
Michael Levine, Attorney, Portland

Appellate Update
Swimming against the current — Peter Gartlan’s influential cases, then and now.
Josh Crowther, Office of Public Defense ?Services, Salem

Legal Complexities When Representing Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (1 access to justice credit)
Jesse Watson, MA, CCSOT, QMHP, Salem

Getting Evidence Where You Least Expect It in the Age of Electronic Searches
How to get an FOIA response in ?one day, why adverse witnesses are your friends, and how to dig deeper with civil discovery rules.
Edie Rogoway, Attorney, Portland

Simple Solutions to Brady Violations
Enlisting judges to help uncover Brady evidence through colloquies, standing orders and ethical rules.
Jason Kreag, University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, Tucson, AZ  (.5 ethics credit)

Miranda and Coercive Interrogation: Can I Go Home Now?
Why your juvenile client didn’t really waive her Miranda rights and your client with a mental or developmental disability didn’t really admit to a crime.
Marc Brown, Chief Deputy Defender, ?Office of Public Defense Services, Salem

Severance Motions: Don’t Have To Be Boring, Don’t Have To Lose
Ryan Scott, Attorney, Portland

Litigating Around the Confrontation Clause
If cross-examination of a child is not a viable option, what is?
Richard D. Friedman, University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, MI

Hypotheticals That Work: Effective Use of Advisory Opinions
(or How I learned to love the bar) (1 ethics credit)
Helen Hierschbiel, General Counsel, Oregon ?State Bar, Tigard