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2014 Winter Conference: Game of Zones-Fighting the Battle on All Fronts

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Winter Is Coming: Using Federal Law to Challenge State Wiretaps and Warrants
Kevin Sali, Attorney, Lake Oswego

Dancing with Dragons: Proffer Agreements
Pat Ehlers, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Portland

Chaos — Not a Pit But a Ladder: Winning Your Case at Sentencing
Thomas Hillier, Retired Federal Public Defender, Western District of Washington

Two Swords: When Your Case Goes Federal
Lisa Hay, Federal Public Defender, District of Oregon, Portland

The Bear and the Maiden Fair: Litigating Sex Trafficking Cases to Win Jodi Linker, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Northern District of California, San Francisco

The Watchers on the Wall: Detecting Discovery Violations
Rich Wolf, Attorney, Portland, and Renée Manes, Federal Public Defender, Portland (one ethics credit)

Put Down Your Sword and Pick Up You A Mouse, Jon Snow: Engaging in Digital Discovery and Trial Warfare
Steve Sherlag, Attorney, Portland

The War in the North: Cross Jurisdictional Task Forces
Rosalind Lee, Attorney, Eugene

Grand Jury Reform in Oregon
Stephen Houze, Attorney, Portland

Oathkeepers: Child Abuse Reporting — Overrepresentation of Communities of Color
Kasia Rutledge, Metropolitan Public Defenders Office, Portland (one child abuse reporting credit)