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2014 Juvenile Law Training Academy: Outside the Box

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Practical Strategies for Juvenile Practitioners in Increasingly Complicated Cases - Written materials (CD) and audio CDs
Practical Strategies for Juvenile Practitioners in Increasingly Complicated Cases - Zip download containing written material and MP3 audio files

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Strategies to Alleviate Trauma Stemming from Disruption
Rohanna Buchanan, Research Scientist, Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene

ETHICS - New Standards for Parent's and Children's Attorneys in Dependency Cases: FAQs and Some Answers (1.0 ethics credit)
Leslie Harris, University of Oregon Law School, Eugene, and Lea Ann Easton, Portland

Panel - Aging Out with Diminished Capacity: Strategies to Support Success
Sherrelle Owens, LCSW, Program Manager, Multnomah County DCHS/DDSD/Children and Young Adults Program; Paul Neese, Neese Law Office LLC, Lake Oswego; and Keith Ozols, Youth Transition Program, Eugene

DHS Safety Model Refresh
Stacey Ayers, Safety Manager of Child Welfare, DHS

Panel - Conditions for Return: Navigating the Interplay Between DHS Policy and the ORS
Facilitated by Lois Day, Director, Child Welfare Program, DHS Jeff Carter, Attorney for Parent, Salem; Kamala Shugar, Asst. Attorney in Charge, Dept. of Justice Child Advocacy Section, Eugene; Julie McFarlane, Youth, Rights & Justice, Portland

Identifying Domestic Violence Perpetrator Patterns and Their Impact on Effective Representation
David Mandel, MA, LPC, Founder & Managing Member, David Mandel & Associates, LLC, Canton CT

Decision Making Around Risk: When Parents Have a History of Sex Offense
Cory Jewell Jensen, Co-Director, Center for Behavioral Intervention

Appellate Update 2014
Shannon Storey, Office of Public Defense Services, and Erin Galli, Dept. of Justice, Salem

Immigration Complexities in Juvenile Dependency Cases: Considerations When Representing Unaccompanied and Undocumented ChildrenĀ  (1.25 access to justice credit)
Christa Obold-Eshleman, Youth, Rights & Justice, Portland; Denisse Guadarrama, Immigration Counseling Services, Portland; and Rahela Rehman, Dept. of Justice, Portland; Angelica Quintero, MSW, DHS International Case Consultant, Salem

Overrepresentation of Families of Color in Child Abuse Reporting (1.0 child abuse reporting credit credit)
Kasia Rutledge, Metropolitan Public Defender, Portland