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2014 Defending the Modern DUII

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Written material (CD only) and AudioCDs
Written material (hardcopy and CD) and AudioCDs
Written material only (CD and hardcopy)
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What You and Your Clients Need to Know about Ignition Interlock Devices and Treatment Requirements
Bruce Tarbox, Oregon City

Selecting Your Best Jury: Classic Approaches and Creative Techniques
Alex Cambier, Multnomah Defenders, Inc., Portland

This Is Your Case on Drugs: Drug DUIIs Here and Beyond
Neal Weingart, Portland

Counting Backwards: Winning Methods with the Widmark and Retrograde Extrapolation
Brian Cox, Eugene

Persuading Your Judge in the DMV Hearing Administrative Law
Judge Jill Messecar, and Lead Administrative Law Judge Michael Francis, Office of Administrative Hearings, Tualatin

Exigency and Suppression: Navigating the Post-Machuca World
Kali Montague, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem

Special Considerations and Lines of Attack for the Felony DUII
Brad Kalbaugh, Multnomah Defenders, Inc., Portland

DUII Appellate Update
Jonah Morningstar, Ashland

The Science and Flaws of Blood Draws
Kenn Meneely, Willamette Valley Forensics, Elmira