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2016 Annual Juvenile Law Conference CLE Archive

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April 15–16, 2016 • Hallmark Resort, Newport

Representing Parents and Children: Contract Obligations, Performance Standards, and the Office of Public Defense Services  (.75 ethics credit)
Amy Miller, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Incorporating Developmental Research into Client Advocacy
Dr. Antoinette Kavanaugh, Forensic Clinical Psychologist, Chicago

Using the Science of Adolescent Development Throughout the Lifecycle of Your Case
Dr. Antoinette Kavanaugh, Chicago
Marc Brown, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Paula Lawrence, The Lawrence Law Firm, McMinnville
Raising Race  (.75 access to justice credit)                                        
Ji Seon Song, Contra Costa County Office of the Public Defender, Martinez
Kasia Rutledge, Metropolitan Public Defender Services, Portland

Using Data & the Developmental  Approach to Transform Juvenile Justice
Joe O’Leary, Oregon Youth Authority, Salem with comments by Brian Baker, Youth, Rights & Justice, Portland

The Spectrum of Healthy Sexuality  in Children, Adolescents, and Adults  
Dr. Laura Zorich, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Portland

Legislative Update                                  
Amy Miller, Salem
Mark McKechnie, Executive Director, Youth, Rights & Justice, Attorneys at Law, Portland
DeAnna Horne, Attorney, Portland
Adrian "Addie" Smith, Oregon Office of the Governor, Salem

Playing Offense Against Allegations of Child Abuse or Unexplained Injury
Aimée Sutton, The Marshall Defense Firm, Seattle
Kara Davis, Intermountain Public Defenders Inc., Pendleton
Ginger Fitch, Attorney, Wilsonville

Dependency and Delinquency Appellate Update   
Shannon Storey, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Shannon Flowers, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Caitlin Mitchell, Youth, Rights & Justice, Portland

Representing “Defaulted” Parents  (1 ethics credit)
Sarah Peterson, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Jamie Troy, Troy & Rosenberg PC, Portland
Linn Davis, Oregon State Bar, Tigard

Elder Abuse Reporting   (1 elder abuse credit)  
Holly Telerant, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem Sarah Peterson, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Approved in Oregon for:
• 8.25 general
• .75 access to justice
• .75 ethics
• 1 elder abuse

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