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2016 Search and Seizure CLE Archive

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September 16–17, 2016 • Agate Beach Inn, Newport
State Search & Seizure Update
Emily Seltzer and Sara Werboff, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem 
Traffic Stops, a New Twist in “Unavoidable Lull” Extensions, and Probable Cause to Arrest for UUV
Harry Carson, Metropolitan Public Defenders, Portland
Search Warrants 101: Strategies to Suppress and Controvert—Is there a difference? Does it matter?
Christopher Missiaen, Medford
Federal Search & Seizure Update            
Steve Sady, Federal Public Defenders, Portland
“Phone-y” Warrants: Finding the Flaws in Computer and Cell Phone Search Warrants
David Sherbo-Huggins, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem
Solving the Mystery of Digital Evidence: The Tools You Need to Secure Evidence from a Variety of Media
Marty Bugbee, Investigator, Royal Oak, MI
“Network Investigative Techniques” and the “Dark Web”: Strategies for Attacking the FBI’s Advanced Cyber Search Methods
Colin Fieman, Asst. Federal Public Defender, Tacoma WA            
Seizure First: How Technology Compels a Changed Focus in Fourth Amendment Litigation
Hon. Bronson James, Multnomah County Circuit Court
Sticks and stones might break my bones, but Miranda might help me suppress them: State v. Heise-Fay            
Stephanie Hortsch, Office of Public Defense Services, and Joshua Gibbs, Portland  
What Does the Smell Tell? Search and Seizure of Vehicles for Marijuana in Post-Legalization Oregon
Phil Studenberg, Klamath Falls  

In Oregon, the total number of approved credits for listening to all of the audio in the audio package if you also purchase the written material:

• 9.75 general

The program will also qualify for credit with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

Consortia and Law Offices wishing multiple licenses, contact OCDLA.