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Laminated Grid: Repeat Property Offender (REPO) Guide 2017 (2018 ed.)

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Authors: Brian Walker, Brook Reinhard
Edition: September 2017 (2018 edition)

13 months? 18? 24? Oregon's repeat property offender schemes are confusing, OCDLA's handy 2017 REPO Guide will help you understand what your client may be facing. 

The guide has been updated to reflect sentencing law changes enacted during the 2017 legislative session as a result of HB 3078 . The specifics relate to reduced sentences for Theft I and Identity Theft convictions. 

OCDLA's updated REPO guide provides a clear snapshot of a client's prison exposure based on their prior convictions and the current crimes they are facing. This quick reference will help you determine how much time your client will receive if convicted, with clearer language and explanations of the complicated way ORS 137.717 works and how it affects repeat property offenders. The laminated guide also includes a look at mergers & concurrent/consecutive sentences, as well as a chart for offenses committed before M57 went into effect January 1, 2012.

Binding: 8 1/2 x 11 inch, double-sided, color, laminated.