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Laminated Grid: Preservation of Legal Issues (2016)

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Author: Sarah Laidlaw
Edition: June 2016

Preservation is your case's life preserver. If the ship sinks in the trial court, proper preservation of the legal issues ensures the greatest chance of the case staying afloat for an appeal. OCDLA's updated quick guide to preserving legal issues for appeal is an easy reference to remind you of potential appealable issues in each stage of the case. The guide provides general rules for preserving issues, as well as requirements relating to the timing, form, and content of motions and objections. It contains citations to the code provisions and cases you'll want to have handy through all stages of litigation, from motions to suppress through motions for new trials. The 2016 guide includes more evidentiary objections, considerations of new case law, including State v. Williams, 357 Or 1, 346 P3d 455 (2015), and more sentencing issues

8 1/2 x 11 inch, double-sided, color, laminated.