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Legislative Analysis - 2019

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2019 Legislative Analysis Hard Copy
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The 2019 Legislative Analysis of Criminal and Juvenile Laws contains summaries and complete enrolled versions of new criminal and juvenile legislation.
The 2019 legislative session realized advancements in criminal justice reform of historic proportion. Never before had Ballot Measure 11 been amended in ways opposite to the wishes of its chief initiative sponsor, Kevin Mannix, or the district attorneys. Never before had Oregon’s death penalty laws been legislatively limited in scope or maximum penalties constrained. The passage of SB 1008 enacting six key juvenile justice reforms and SB 1013 narrowing application of the death penalty are among the most momentous reform bills that OCDLA has ever championed in any legislative session.

OCDLA’s legislative lobby team was led by Mary Sofia, OCDLA’s Legislative Director during the session. Mary was ably assisted by Courtney Helstein of the lobby firm Strategies 360, and two Lewis & Clark Law School externs, Caitlin Skurky and Taylor Snell.

This lobby team achieved success in the passage of four bills identified as OCDLA “key priority” bills, co-partnering with legislators as the primary bill sponsors. Those bills are:
  • HB 2849: Introduced by Representative Tawya Sanchez (D – Portland), this bill updated and modified the circumstances allowing for the warrantless removal of a child into protective custody.
  • HB 3261: Introduced by Representative Chris Gorsek (D – Gresham), this bill expanded the circumstances under which law enforcement and school resource officers must record custodial interviews of persons under 18 years of age.
  • SB 924: Introduced by Senator James Manning (D – Eugene), this bill prohibits placement of youth in need of protective custody in detention facilities.
  • HB 3249: Co-sponsored by Representative Jennifer Williamson (D – Portland) and Representative Mike McLane, retired, now the Honorable Mike McLane (R – Prineville), this bill provides that a client has the right to privately communicate with their lawyer and representatives of their lawyer.

The Analysis is organized by Subject, with a complete guide to Bills by Subject and a cross index at the back. The enrolled bills are not included in the PDF, but they are hyperlinked from the summaries, and the Index.

• Complete Guide to Bills by Subject
• Cross Index
• Top 25 Bills Chart
• Quick Reference - Senate and House bills listed by bill number
• Colored Subject Dividers

The hard copy version of the 2019 Legislative Analysis is over 600 pages, comb bound.