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Doing Your Time: Entering Oregon’s Prison System

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Do you remember the last time your client asked you what he could do to prepare himself to go to prison? Or the questions your female client has which you could not answer? This book has the answers!

Brand new, and completely different from what OCDLA traditionally offers. This book’s audience is not you but your clients. Its purpose is to provide clients with some immediate, long-lasting assistance they can use as their relationship with you, the trial attorney, ends and they enter a place that is, at best, intimidating.

This book is small and packable, but provides a comprehensive guide to prison life. Written by attorneys and formerly incarcerated individuals, this book will also help your client's family members understand the new circumstances of their loved ones.

Consider this book as something that completes your best practice. Keep a copy for yourself, display it in your office, and order additional copies for clients or their loved ones. Available here or at Amazon. Clients may purchase copies there as well—OCDLA receives royalties for every copy sold on Amazon.

Hugh Duvall, Attorney, Eugene
Conrad Engweiler, Paralegal, Eugene
Bradley Holbrook, Paralegal & Consultant, Newberg
Tim Schley, Entrepreneur/Business Owner, Eugene
Trevor Walraven, Former AIC, Consultant, Eugene
Brian Walker, Attorney, Public Defense Services of Lane County, Eugene
Terri Wood, Attorney, Eugene

With inspirational quotes throughout the book's 60 pages, Doing Your Time will be one of the best additions to your practice this year.

"I’ve done nothing but criminal defense for the past 45 years, and this guide addresses almost all of the questions my clients have asked me over the years—questions I could only guess about answering. Quit guessing. Get this guide! It is chock-full of firsthand knowledge and inspiration that will help empower your clients facing prison for the first time. Don’t forget to buy copies for them, too.” Terri Wood, Eugene

Preparation for Incarceration
Property at the Point of Surrender
Transport to Intake Center
Intake Center
Medical/Dental Services
Interaction/Communication with Other Adults in Custody
Interaction/Communication with Guards
Reacting to Threats
Women's Issues
Social Structure–Sexual Offender Status
Communicating with Friends and Family