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2019 Sunny Climate CLE Archive

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Consortia and Law Offices wishing multiple licenses, contact OCDLA.

Moderator: Bear Wilner-Nugent, Portland

Ch. 1. Beach Ball Voir Dire  
Brett Willis, Senior Assistant Public Defender, Gainesville, GA
Ch. 2. Vital Trial Techniques to Neutralize Medical Evidence (or lack thereof) in Sexual Assault Cases  
Colette Tvedt, Attorney, Denver, CO

Ch. 3. Reviving Search and Seizure Litigation: Taking the Fourth Amendment Off Life Support
Juval Scott, Federal Public Defender of the District of Virginia, Roanoke, VA

Ch. 4. Storytelling in Cross Examination  
Abe Hutt, Attorney, Denver, CO

Ch. 5 The Art & Science of Storytelling to a Jury  
Dyke Huish, Attorney, Mission Viejo, CA
Approved in Oregon for:
• 5.5 general credits


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