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Search & Seizure Mnl Upd Dec 2019 (hard copy)

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Edited by David Sherbo-Huggins
Additional editing by Matt Blythe, Laura Coffin, and Sara Werboff

Search & Seizure in Oregon has been updated for 2018, with 90 pages of case law updates & analysis. All previous updates from 2015 to 2017 are included as well.
The 2018 Update to the Search and Seizure Manual is ready and chock-full of helpful tips, the latest case law, and in-depth analysis of the most significant law-announcing appellate court decisions of the last 12 months. Some highlights include answers to the following questions:
            * How to challenge search warrants for computers and other electronic devices?  (State v. Mansor)
            *How to challenge search warrants that permit the search of multiple electronic devices?  (State v. Friddle; State v. Burnham)
            * How to challenge subpoenaed cell phone location information? (U.S. v. Carpenter)
            * How to suppress the DUII interview and breath test if your client asked for a lawyer? (State v. Swan)
            * When can an officer ask the defendant about the presence of weapons? (State v. Miller)
            * When is the passenger in a vehicle unlawfully stopped? (State v. Rosales; Rodriguez v. U.S.)
            * When can an officer investigate matters beyond the scope of the original basis for the stop? (State v. Reich; State v. Aguirre-Lopez)

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