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Felony Sentencing in Oregon: Guidelines, Statutes, Cases - 2019 edition w/July 2020 Update

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2019 Silver Anniversary Edition

By Jesse Wm. Barton

This manual includes must-know constitutional challenges to sentencing options, a 17-page outline of major topics, new case law, the July 2020 Felony Sentencing Update, and the hard copy version includes a July 13, 2020, Sentencing Guidelines Grid (laminated, color).

Linked, searchable PDF — The PDF is thoroughly linked, fully bookmarked, and searchable. Take advantage of Acrobat Reader's Advanced Search Function to find all instances of a case or phrase within seconds. Hard copy comes in three-ring binder with mylar reinforced tabs.

Chapter 1—Introduction: Edited by Ryan T. O’Connor, Portland
Chapter 2—Crime Seriousness Rankings: Edited by Jennelle Meeks Barton, Salem
Chapter 3—Criminal History Scoring: Written by Jesse Wm. Barton, Salem
Chapter 4—Prison Sentences & Post-Prison Supervision: Edited by David O. Ferry, Salem
Chapter 5—Probation & Straight Jail Sentences: Edited by Irene B. Taylor, Salem
Chapter 6—Plea Agreements: Written by Jesse Wm. Barton, Salem
Chapter 7—Departure Sentences: Written by Jesse Wm. Barton, Salem
Chapter 8—Merger & Consecutive Sentences: Edited by Kyle Krohn, Salem.
Chapter 9—Appeal & Review: Edited by Mary M. Reese, Salem.
Chapter 10—Felony Sentencing Guidelines: Written by Jesse Wm. Barton, Salem

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• cover and spine


Purchase extra copies of the 2020 Sentencing Guidelines Grid (7.13.20 edition) here. This version replaces any previous edition.