Felony Sentencing in Oregon: Guidelines, Statutes, Cases (2012) with January 2018 Update

Edited by Jesse Wm. Barton.

The 2012 edition includes the January 2018 update. This manual includes must-know constitutional challenges to sentencing options, a 17-page outline of major topics, new case law, a 2016 Sentencing Guidelines Grid (hard copy version includes a color, laminated guide; PDF version includes black and white guide in PDF), and more.

Linked, searchable PDF — The PDF is thoroughly linked, fully bookmarked, and searchable. Take advantage of Acrobat Reader's Advanced Search Function to find all instances of a case or phrase within seconds. Hard copy comes in three-ring binder with mylar reinforced tabs.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Crime Seriousness Rankings
  3. Criminal History Scoring
  4. Prison Sentences (and Post-Prison Supervision)
  5. Probationary and Straight Jail Sentences
  6. Plea Agreements
  7. Departure Sentences
  8. Merger and Consecutive Sentences
  9. Appeal and Review
  10. Sentencing Guideline

2012 Felony Sentencing in Oregon Revision Editors

Chapter 1: Salem attorney Jesse Wm. Barton

Chapter 2: Salem research attorney Jennelle Meeks Barton

Chapter 3: Portland attorney Jesse Merrithew

Chapter 4, Sections 4-1 to -3, Portland attorney Bear Wilner-Nugent

Chapter 4, Sections 4-4 to -8, Portland attorney Andy Simrin (with assistance from Conrad Engweiler)

Chapter 5: Roseburg attorney Brook Reinhard

Chapter 6: Portland attorney Rankin Johnson, IV

Chapter 7: Salem attorneys Erica Herb and Kristin Carveth.

Chapter 8: Portland attorney Benjamin T. Andersen

Chapter 9: Portland attorney Ryan Timothy O’Connor


Purchase extra copies of the 2016 Sentencing Guidelines Grid. The 2016 version replaces any previous edition. 


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