“The OCDLA Major Crimes Manual is my well-used companion, filled with practice tips, suggestions, and pitfalls you may encounter when handling major felony cases. I have tried almost every type of case covered in the manual, and it is always my starting point, and I always find something useful for each new case.”

— Russell Barnett, OCDLA Member

Major Crimes and Defenses (2010)

Edited by David T. McDonald and Patrick John Sweeney

Nearly 1000 pages and 32 chapters, each one covering a subject from statute to jury instructions, with Case Law, Practice Tips, Checklists, Defenses, Potential Pitfalls, and Sentencing Issues covered, along with motions and other helpful appendices and Commentary from the Proposed Oregon Criminal Code of 1971. Each chapter has been revised and updated so you know you’re getting the best and most current information available.

Table of Contents

1. Assault
2. Murder
3. Manslaughter/Crim. Neg. Homicide
4. Hit and Run Injury

5. Arson
6. Burglary
7. Robbery

8. Felon in Possession
9. Unlawful Use of a Weapon
10. Destructive Devices

11. Kidnapping
12. Stalking

Family Offenses
13. Child Neglect
14. Criminal Mistreatment
15. Custodial Interference
16. Endangering the Welfare of a Minor

Offenses Against the State
17. Hindering Prosecution
18. Perjury

19. Prostitution
20. Compelling/Promoting Prostitution

Sex Offenses
21. Sexual Abuse
22. Rape
23. Sodomy
24. Sexual Penetration
25. Using a Child in a Sexual Display

Drug Offenses

27. Alibi
28. General Defenses
29. Self Defense
30. Guilty Except for Insanity

31. M11/Juveniles
32. Federal Cases
Use Major Crimes and Defenses to:
• Brainstorm a case in its earliest stages
• Successfully direct the investigation
• Plan motions and trial strategies
• Guide the case to its most successful conclusion
• Record new case law or statute changes

Revised and updated second edition – 30 crimes, each with
• Statutes, Case Law, Jury Instructions
• Practice Tips and Strategies
• Sentencing Issues

• M11/Juveniles
• Federal Case Considerations
• Sample Motions

Hardcopy Includes:
• 3-ring binder
• cover and spine
• set of 43 mylar-reinforced, chapter-divider tabs

PDF Download Features:
• less expensive
• searchability
• thorough bookmarks
• cover and spine

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